Wednesday , 22 November 2017

5 Ways You Can Prevent Hangover

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A dull, racking morning is what you get after a party or an evening outing where you consumed alcohol.

Inorder not to be on the thrashing side of alcohol the day after, there’s a lot you can do to prevent the debilitating effects of a hangover.

One: Get your body well hydrated

Juggle between alcoholic drinks and water. Do not hydrate your body by taking caffeinated drinks or fizzy soft drinks, they’d only dehydrate you more by quickening the speed with which your body absorbs alcohol.

The best drink to counter alcohol can only be water.

Two: Get your body with good food well ahead of drinking

Getting food into your system well ahead for that big night out can help prevent hangover or at least reduce the symptoms.

Food helps to insulate your stomach lining and importantly, slow down the process of alcohol absorption into your bloodstream.

You can also munch on some snacks or chops while you drink.

Three: Be cautious of congeners

Always notice your drink colour, because it matters too. Drinks like whiskey, beer and brandy which are dark-coloured contain more of toxic chemicals called congeners than light coloured drinks like vodka or gin.

These congeners tend to inflame blood vessels and brain tissue, worsening hangover symptoms.

So, it’s either you reduce the amount or frequency you consume dark-coloured drinks or avoid them altogether.

Four: Don’t accept drinks that have already been mixed

It’s not even safe to consume drinks that have already been mixed without your knowledge of its content.

Get your drink mixed on the spot or you’ll never know the amount or type of alcohol that’s been poured into your glass.

Five: Leave gaps in between drinks

Drinking bottle after bottle in no time doesn’t make you look manly or hard, as most people are wont to feel.

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Nurture one drink only in the space of an hour. Also, be sure to keep track the number of drinks you’ve had and the space between each drink (your wrist or phone watch can help in time keeping).

If that’s too complicated, ask a friend to watch and warn you.


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