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8 Things Women Like to Hear From Their Men That Makes Them Feel Special And Loved

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When was the last time you said something nice to your lady-love? Compliments are one of the things that go straight to a woman’s heart and unlock it.

If you want your partner to love you crazily, make her feel unique and special to you by telling her things they like to hear. And while at it, you have to be genuine about the things you say.

Special things to say to your partner…

One: Your excitement for the future – with her

A lot of this has to do with reassuring her that you want her in your future. That means she wants to hear you get excited about the future with her.

You don’t have to tell her you want to get married by any means. All you have to do is just mention something you’re excited to do with her in the future. It can be a month from now or a year from now. No matter how soon it is, she’ll be happy to hear that you want her in that future too.

Two: Compliment her intelligence 

Though ladies like to be told they’re pretty, but calling her smart is a much more effective way to make her feel good. If she’s beautiful, she’s probably always complimented on her looks. But what about her brains?

Just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she’s not smart. If you know her and want to make her feel incredible, tell her you like the way she think. It’ll mean more to her than you know.

Three: Beauty compliments when she’s not done up

It’s one thing to tell a girl you think she’s beautiful when she’s done her hair, makeup, and dressed up all nice for you. It’s completely different when you tell her how much you appreciate her looks when she’s makeup-free and in sweats.

By doing this, you’re saying you like her as is. She doesn’t need the extra stuff to be attractive to you. Many girls often worry about this so telling her will reassure her of how much you enjoy her naturally.

Four: Compliment her creativity

Aside from just being smart, ladies love to be told they’re creative. It’s not a compliment people usually give and that’s why it’s one of the things ladies like to hear. They don’t hear it often so it means more.

Five: Tell her she’s “one-of-a-kind.” 

Ladies sure want to hear that they’re not like others. And while we already know we’re unique because there’s no one else like us, we still want to hear it from our men.

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So make sure to remind her that you like her because she’s not like other women. She’s better. She makes you happier than anyone else because she’s one-of-a-kind.

Six: Your honest feelings

Ladies love when their men tell them how they feel. I know, you probably aren’t thrilled about this one but it does work. She wants your feelings. She wants you to tell her how you really feel about her and for you to get vulnerable.

So open up. If you care about her and you want her to know how special she is and how much you love her, then let her see how you truly feel.

Seven: That she’s changed your life for the better since you met her

One of the things women like to hear most is how different and better your life is because she’s in it. It makes her feel like she has a purpose in your life. That will ensure she feels special and loved.

Eight: Anything about your friends liking her

I know this seems odd but women really want to hear that your friends like her. Perhaps, they know how important your friends are to you.

We ladies want to make sure they like us so they don’t end up convincing you to end things. If your friends really do like her, just let her know. It’ll make her happier than you think it will – even if she doesn’t show it.

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