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9 Things You Shouldn’t Do On A First Date

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You’ve successfully had that lady agree to go out on a date  with you, isn’t it? Because, most of the time, it’s no easy feat to have a girl you like agree on a date. 

And when she’s finally set all emotions aside and meets  with you at the date location, you have to act the perfect gentleman so as not to have her rolling her eyes and glancing at her watch frequently.

You’re partly won her above by having her with you where you both are right now. To totally have her on your side and be yours, do not do certain things. Avoid them like the plague! Remember, first impression matters.

As a guy, are there things or habits you should avoid displaying when out on a date with a girl? Habits like the following…

one: Trying too hard

You may be so over excited about the whole situation, but do not show your gushing excitement. She’s still contemplating and figuring if she’s having a good date. Don’t ruin the moment by droning on about how happy you are.

She knows that you’re happy, but don’t blow it all out, all through the date. Make her wonder if you’re having a great time. Don’t give in to the chase even before it begins!

two: Answering phone calls

You may be the world’s busiest man, so no one’s telling you not to pick up calls or that you have to leave your phone at home, but you should know how to use it well.

Make sure your calls are short, even if you have to answer them. Don’t cut her in mid sentence to answer the call. Wait until she’s done with her sentence, and then excuse yourself, if only for a moment.

Another way you can actually make her feel more special is by answering the call, only to tell the person that you’re with someone who’s very important to you, and whatever it is, you could talk about it the next day! You could also add a cheeky grin to stop you from appearing pompous.

three: Your views versus hers

Be careful around here, opinions, views, moral issues, religion, politics are very touchy topics. It wouldn’t be impossible for both of you to have different views about different things. Arguing about anything is a big turn off for a girl.

So, this type of topics should be avoided at any cost. And even if this does crop up, don’t tell her outright that you don’t want to talk about it, instead try sweeping the topic under the carpet without a big fuss.

Just answer the question in a vague and abrupt manner, and bring up something more exciting to talk about. Do not be dominating about any of your views, or be very boisterous about voicing your opinions.

Even if she supports something you’re firmly against, just give a small laugh, and tell her “Well, that’s one thing that I’m not too sure of, because, well, I’ve always felt the other way about that…” and complete the sentence saying, “…but I obviously respect your view, and our difference in opinions.” “Anyways tell me about the last time you…” And change the topic as subtly as you can. You’d have her there.

four: Being overly concerned

Don’t forget that you’re out with someone who’s matured enough to think and take care of herself. But you can ask her occasionally if she’s comfortable, or if she requires something. Just don’t stretch it by popping the same question over and over. It can get really annoying. Just enjoy the conversation and relax. Don’t push your protective and concerned act too far.

And if you find yourself running out of things to talk about, stop asking her if she’s having fun. Instead, be comfortable and speak about something else. Usually discussions like music, work, movies will take the conversation really far and you can also have a great time getting to know each other.

five: Losing control?

It’s important to be in control and make those decisions, like calling the waiter/waitress, deciding where to go, etc. when you’re with your date. There may be times when your behaviour borders rudeness and arrogance.

Cussing, snapping your fingers to call waiters and bad behaviour is just unacceptable. So if you want to hold on to the hope of getting a second date, then learn to be courteous and gentle, not just with her, but with everyone around.

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six: Revealing too much than necessary

You’ve found out that it’s fun to be with this girl who’s so much fun to hang out with. And you want to prove that you’re a great guy to hang out with to her. So what do you do? You tell her about all your brave, stupid and hilarious encounters.

Go easy though, with the way you keep on chattering about your encounters, you don’t want her to know everything about you on the first date itself, do you? Give her a chance to learn more about you by herself. Let there by mystery in your togetherness, and let her wonder what else you have in store for her, the next time you meet up.

seven: Getting distracted

When you’re out on a date, don’t just sit across the table and dream or doze off. Worse, don’t squint your eyes so that you can focus one eye on her, while the other eye ogles that girl with those never ending legs walking past you in short skirts. Pay a lot attention to her, and listen to what she has to say.

Concentrate on her, and have a great conversation. Be attentive to her needs. If you see her glass of water or drink half empty, refill it. Don’t distract yourself with things that can be put on hold, and pay a lot of attention to her needs.

eight: Staring hard at her chest

For crying out loud, if she’s wearing something with a deep neckline, stop staring at her breasts and trying to judge how much more cleavage is concealed! This is not the time, and definitely not the place either.

Staring at a girl’s cleavage is a big no-no too, unless, of course, you know the art of staring at a girl’s cleavage like a gentleman.

nine: Showing off your independence

Fine, you love hanging out and bonding with your friends, and almost every Friday in your calendar has been allotted for hanging out with the boys. But saying that out aloud on your first date could actually turn out bad for you.

You might think that it shows your independence and confidence, and that you also respect her space and are not going to be a clingy boyfriend, but it actually works otherwise. She might think that your life is just too rigid.

Or worse, it may seem like you’re trying to set boundary rules even before both of you get steady. It’s almost like you’re already imposing a rule on her. What did you think, that she would like it?!

With these habits written, you should be able to learn how to act the perfect gentleman  when out on a date with that special gurl!

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