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How Anemia And Other Things Can Be The Reasons For Your Hair Problems

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The most common causes of hair loss is usually due to a lack of protein or anemia. Besides that, a close attention should be also paid to other possible issues.

Hair loss can happen to both men and women at any age. Some people don’t think they should care about the cause of their hair loss when they start to experience it.

It is important to know the reasons why your hair is falling off and find an appropriate treatment for it

Possible Causes of Hair Loss

One: Anaemia
When there is a lack of iron in the body, anaemia sets in. Iron as a mineral is essential to the production of red blood cells. Having anaemia is an indication that there is insufficient haemoglobin, and because of this, it’s difficult to transport oxygen from the cells to the body.
And one of the effects of anaemia is loss of hair, which will improve once you’re treated. Increase the consumption of foods rich in iron and adopt a recommended treatment by a specialist.

Two: Thyroid Conditions
Thyroid conditions can cause hair loss due to the changes in hormones that the thyroid causes. These conditions manifest themselves in various changes in the body.  If these changes are not looked into, they can cause great consequences.
However, if you suspect these changes, consult with your doctor so a blood test can be carried out to measure what effects the thyroid may be causing to your hormones.

Three: Heredity
There are times that loss of hair is not caused by a specific condition or illness, and in these cases, treatment is more difficult because the condition is a question of genetics. If this happens to be the case, hair loss that occurs after 20 years of age can become worse.
In this also, it’s better to consult a doctor to determine if inherited genes are the reasons you’re losing your hair and decide on a course of action to decrease it.

Four: Lack of Protein
A lack of protein in the body can be partly be the cause for hair weakness and eventual loss, because the hair is composed mainly of protein. And the little quantity of protein that is left would be rationed by the body. This can stop the hair from growing and also weakens the hair.
To maintain healthy, thick hair and reduce loss, consume these foods: fish, dried fruits, meat, nuts, seeds, eggs, avocados, legumes, dairy products.

five: Stress
Stress is also a common cause of hair loss, especially mental and physical stress. It’s easy to ignore the effects, however, since the reactions produced by the body cause other problems that require greater care. Try to practice relaxation exercises and avoid stressful environments.

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Six: Extreme use of chemicals
Cosmetic treatments are filled with chemicals which are typically used to give a new look to hair or even to treat dryness and split ends.
But the problem here is that many of these products use harmful substances. After some time, these cause irreversible damage leading to loss of hair
Hair dyes, treatments to bleach hair, and some shampoos tend to cause changes in both your hair and scalp. Instead, It is better to use masks and capillary treatments with natural ingredients.

Seven: Ovarian poly cyst syndrome
For many women, there are hormonal conditions that can lead to loss of hair. Ovarian poly cyst syndrome is one of the conditions that spark off imbalances in hormone levels. This also causes weakening of the scalp and hair.
If you’re experiencing this, you should be under the care of a physician since it can lead to infertility too.

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