Wednesday , 22 November 2017

Through the Annals of Adetoun (015)

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That morning, I didn’t leave my bed as the knock persisted. I was just praying something else wouldn’t appear from the inside, because something or someone was outside, at the door. I kept staring at the door. Then I heard Aunt Grace’s voice.

“Toun, are you awake?”
I rushed to the door.
“Aunt Grace?”
“Yes,” she answered with a sleepy voice.

I opened the door gently to be sure of “what” was really on the outside and it was indeed Aunt Grace. I felt very relieved.

“Are you okay? I can hear voices, but I don’t know which of the flats it’s coming from. I was momentarily scared, I thought it was coming from your room.” I felt sorry for Aunt Grace, with the placid, tired look on her face, after a very tiring day she complained to me about some hours earlier.

“Where is Uncle Michael?” I looked around, a bit worried.
“He is contemplating on going outside to check out the next flat but he knows I won’t allow such, God forbids.”

I walked into the kitchen where the door leads to the balcony, and watched my uncle pay so much attention to the noise coming from the outside. He had an intent look on his face that made it apparent that he was trying to figure out the source.

“I think that is Mummy Praise’s voice,” he said finally, with his index finger pointing towards the next flat.

“Are you sure?” Aunt Grace had an unconvinced look on her face, like she was very sure it was coming from elsewhere.

“I think so,” my uncle maintained, while I alternated my gaze between the two of them.

Within a milisecond, as though the source of the noise could decipher the doubts in our minds and wanted everyone to be sure, the noise heightened extravagantly.

“Blood of Jesus! I condemn you in the name of Jesus! You shall not have me! You shall not have my children! You shall not have my husband! J-e-s-u-s!!!”

“Mummy Praise!” My uncle and his wife exclaimed assuredly.

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“Toun, get me my phone!” I rushed to my uncle’s bedroom to get his phone, with ridiculous scary thoughts running through my mind. I started praying intently in my mind that the God forsaken events that occured in the horror movie I watched not play out in real life. Or what else could Mummy Praise be calling “Jesus” for, if not a spirit?

I jogged back to the kitchen with my uncle’s phone. He dialled Daddy Praise’s number.

“Put it on speaker,” Aunt Grace tapped my uncle eagerly.

“Hello Daddy Praise, please what’s go….”

“Please o, you people should come o! There is a ghost outside our bedroom window and it won’t go away!”

“Ghost?” we all exclaimed.

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