Wednesday , 22 November 2017

Through the Annals of Adetoun (017)

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Aunt Grace and I kept pacing the sitting room as soon as Uncle Michael and Mr. Ken left. The call for Jesus also ceased a bit from Daddy Praise’s end and we guessed they must be trying to explain the situation to their concerned neighbours.

“Aunt Grace, lay Fiyin on the couch, you can’t carry him for too long, he’s a big boy now,” I advised deciding not to add that at least the ghost wouldn’t come to snatch him off the couch, I thought that joke might be too expensive for Aunt Grace, who reluctantly heeded to my advice.

We continued pacing, thoughtful, and at a time started getting worried, because we weren’t hearing from anyone in the other flat. Then the call for Jesus resumed more fiercely, bringing my heart to my mouth. My uncle was in there! Then I started praying too while Aunt Grace kept dialling Uncle Michael’s number, but it was switched off.

“Toun, I need to go find out what’s going on in there!” Aunt Grace was fidgeting, as she headed towards the kitchen, like she was high on something.

“No you can’t go!” I shouted desperately, blocking her way.

“Why?” She shouted back like I was nut.

“Your baby is in here!” My eyes were widely opened as thoughts of only me in the house terrified me.

That point seemed to knock Aunt Grace hard in the head, reshuffling her thoughts, as she rested on the cabinets thoughtfully.

“But my husband is in there, and his phone is mysteriously switched off!” Her aggression seemed to heighten on each word and by the time she said “off”, she had shoved me off her path to the door and was unlocking it when her phone started ringing and it was Uncle Michael”

“Michael, what happened? I’ve been trying to….”

When she disrupted the call some minutes later, she was very relieved, smiled at me and told me my uncle said he would be coming back soon, that his phone was knocked off his hand by agitated Daddy Praise while he thought the ghost was back again and was going to throw a punch towards the window accompanied by the name of Jesus.

“He said he would be back soon,” Aunt Grace said as she gestured for us to return to the sitting room, where Fiyin was peacefully asleep, as we added more luxury of silence to that.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you,” Aunt Grace said, breaking the silence.
“I shouted too,” I said, smiling, a knowing smile that gave away what I had feared and we started laughing.

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Uncle Michael returned thirty minutes later with his usual mischievous grin, followed by a resounding laughter that got Aunt Grace and I worriedly eager.

“You guys wouldn’t believe it!” He managed to say amidst his laughter.

“What is it na?” Aunt Grace grew impatient.

My uncle was, however, not in a hurry as he was obviously enjoying the suspense and the sound of his own laughter.

“Michael, you are going to wake Fiyin, talk na,” Aunt Grace finally resolved to a calmer tone.

“Babe you know the Eyinas have a Moringa tree in their compound….”

Aunt Grace nodded eagerly.

“…Well, it turns out a branch snapped off the tree and fell over our fence. So the breeze was having its fun with it and its shadow was playing over Mummy Praise’s window and wouldn’t go away!”

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