Thursday , 14 December 2017

Through the Annals of Adetoun (030)

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“Detoun!” Peju exclaimed, jolting me out of my thoughts.

“Hunh?” I answered, realising I had gone far in my thoughts.

“What’s that look on your face?”

“Did I have any on my face?”

“Yeah, you did; like you are so sorry for me…”

“Well, I am.”


“Don’t be. These things rebirthed me, made me stronger and sharpened my thinking faculties.”

“So you have no regrets?”

“Regrets? No o,” Peju replied like she couldn’t believe why I expected her to have regrets.




“Yeah, really. At least thank God I’m alive…”


“People died?” I exclaimed, taken aback.


“Someone did when I was in S.S.S.1”


“How?” I whispered, shaken.


“A senior took him to the bush and asked him to cut down a tree…”




“And the tree fell on him.”


“Jesus!” I shouted, but Peju remained unmoved like it was nothing.


“Urrgh,” she muttered like it’s no big deal.


“And what did the school do?”


“The idiot was expelled.”


“And the deceased’s parents?”


“They troubled the school o, said they were not vigilant, this and that, but at the end, everything died down and the activities continued as normal.”


“Jesus,” I muttered, and stared into space like I could see the boy’s face, gasping for breath.


Wo, Detoun, plenty things dey happen for boarding school jare. You are lucky you didn’t attend one, because you would have come out badder than I am. You wey no well before,” Peju said, cracking me up for the first time since she started her strange hostel chronicles.


” Thank God it wasn’t me that was in such a situation,” I said firmly.


” Well, I do not have regrets,” Peju replied, like we were on some kind of debates.


“So did the cruel acts reduce after the boy’s death?”


“For where!”


“Are you for real?” I asked, bemused, while Peju dropped her signature hiss again.


“They would act normal on the school premises, where they felt teachers were watching and all. But once you are in the hostel, omo na O.Y.O you dey be that o. On your own.”

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“Na wa for that your school o,” I said resignedly.

“Hurgh,” Peju muttered like it was nothing, and their was a brief silence as I picked my phone to check a message.

“A girl almost ran mad in school, abi she even ran mad gaan ni,” she said, with a face contemplating on which of the choices she would pick; whether mad or not.

” What happened to her?” I looked up from my phone like I was tired of hearing too many bad news in less than an hour.

“She woke up at midnight to pee and claimed she saw someone sitting on the toilet, combing her hair.”

I looked at Peju for a while, trying to weigh the situation; if it was enough to make someone go mad and concluded it wasn’t. My face conveyed my conclusion to her. Then she gave me a cynical smile.

“The girl sitting on the toilet bowl had her head in her hands…”

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