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Health Problems Energy Drinks Can Cause In Your Body

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Energy drinks have gained popularity over the years. Known for their refreshing taste, they  could be drank pure or used as cocktail. 

Whichever way energy drinks are consumed, if consumed at excess amounts can spark off physiological and behavioural side effects, owing to the extremely high level of caffeine  contained in them.

So, should one be concerned about the health risks energy drinks could pose? Well, why there is no sufficient hard evidence from research on the long term health risks, there is a warning of a looming possibility.

Side effects of energy drinks you should be aware of

one: Fainting, Weakness and Dehydration

When energy drinks are consumed exclusively during bouts of extreme exercise or sports, without water and other fluids, the above mentioned tend to occur. Instead of hydrating the body, the high levels of caffeine in energy drinks can affect the kidneys’ capacity to retain fluids, leading to increased urination and, therefore, dehydration.

Apart from that, reduced sweating may also lead to a dangerous spike in body temperature. Dehydration and high body temperature can have dangerous consequences such as kidney failure, muscle breakdown, and heat stroke.

two: Caffeine overdose

The main focus surrounding the health risks of energy drink is really on its high level of caffeine. A 16-oz can of energy drink delivers about 70 mg to 200 mg of caffeine at the very least to your system. This goes up to 500 mg in some products. High doses of caffeine can also lead to palpitations, hypertension, seizures, calcium deficiency, and sometimes even death.

three: Dental issues

High sugar levels in energy drinks can also potentially wear down tooth enamel and lead to dental decay. The acidic nature of energy drinks can also cause dental cavities and dental erosion, leading to hypersensitivity.

four: Weight gain

Ironically, for a product with a “sporty” image, energy drinks bring in the risk of obesity in the long term. A 16-oz can usually contains about 220 calories, most of it coming from the high sugar content.

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And if you’re looking to shed some weight rather than add, energy drinks aren’t for you. If at all you want to have its refreshing, cool taste sluicing down your throat, it  should be at very small amounts and not  very often at that.

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