Thursday , 14 December 2017

Job Seekers: 7 Ways To Identify A Scam Interview Invitation

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In a country plagued with massive unemployment and greedy people who want to make quick cash, defrauding job seekers may be inevitable.

In this age, fake job interviews are on the rise and many umemployed citizens have fallen victims, wasting their time, energy and money going to such interviews, and may unfortunately lose their lives to ritualists.

Job seekers need to be properly guided, to avoid fall into the hands of these scammers.

There are ways one can identify a fake or scam interview invitation and avoid such waste of time and money. Interestingly, most of their messages come in the same format.

1. The message does not state the company name: most of these scam invites won’t include their names on the message you will receive. All you will see are the address, the time and date and a phone number. A genuine company will not hide its identity from a potential employee.

2. The message will say “interview/job briefing”: whatever job briefing means I don’t know!

3. You will see a code or reference: something like “HR=0056” or “REF=002”. This is an indication of the code number of the person who invited you to the “job briefing”.

4. It will contain a phone number: this is the number of your referer. Most genuine companies don’t give phone numbers.

5. You will see HR Admin in the message instead of company name

6. If you call their number, they will be reluctant to give info on the company.

7. Ignore those people sharing job flyers on the streets, and those ones they paste on walls. Those are scammers and some ritualists too.

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If you have any sad experience in the hands of these scammers or got job through similar invites kindly share it in the comment section so that others can learn

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