Thursday , 14 December 2017

Keep Your Passion Alive: Verbal Ways To Make Your Partner Melt With Desire

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For couples, a healthy s3xlife is almost equivalent  to a healthy relationship. Each day, couples ought to find new ways to keep their relationship going.
Words offer a great passion-kick, especially the right, sweet words.
Here’s how to use s3xy words on your partner and raise their urge another notch.

one: Firstly, Practice on your own

If you really want to be great at s3xy talk, just practice with yourself. Get in front of a mirror and say a few things. Some will feel a lot more natural and will actually turn you on a lot more than you might expect.

The more you do it in the mirror, the more you’ll notice what you like saying and what just doesn’t work for you and which you can use in the heat of the moment.

two: Get yourself turned on first

If you’re already turned on, it’ll make s3xy talk a lot easier. That means you’re tapped into your primal urges and it’ll be easier to talk about what you like and what you want from them.

three: Be confident

Confidence matters so much, it makes everything so much s3xier. Even if you say something silly, saying it with confidence automatically makes it great. You really have to own what you’re saying, especially when its a s3xy talk.

So, if you say something, say it with purpose and say it like you mean it. Your partner will go nuts.

four: Play to your partner’s desires

If you know your partner loves to go down on you, then talk about that a lot. You know what they like. If you talk about the things they enjoy most, it’ll be the most effective. Talking about pulling their hair doesn’t work if they don’t actually enjoy that at all. Stick to what they love and you’ll be such a darling.

five: Follow through with what you say

Don’t talk a big game and then refuse to do the things you just talked about. Not only is it disappointing if your partner was excited for it, but it also makes anything else you say while s3xy talking ineffective. They may not believe you.

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six: Use your hands

Don’t just use your voice and stop there, throw in some action. Touch them in all the right places and time up your hand movements with what you’re saying. It’ll add that special element to your s3xy talk and they’ll be maddeningly turned on.

seven: Be spontaneous with it

Don’t always think that your s3xy talk has to be in the bedroom only. Be a little spontaneous. Right before you both leave for work, k1ss them and whisper in their ear how much you can’t wait to get home and have your way with them later. Not only is it really surprising, but it’ll kick that anticipation into overdrive and make them think about it all day long till the big…bang…bang!

eight: Whisper in their ear

Not only is this really s3xy, but it’ll feel really good to them too. The ear is an erogenous zone that’s very, very sensitive. Whispering sweet nothings in your lover’s ear will make them turned on from the sensation and also the naughty images you’re putting in their head.

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