Thursday , 14 December 2017

Misau Attacks IGP Idris Again, Accuses Him Of Having Romantic Affair With Two Policewomen

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The lawmaker representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District, Senator Isa Misau, on Wednesday, accused the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris of having romantic relationships with two policewomen, who he promoted under special promotion. One of them is Aminat and the other is a DSP.

The Senator who said this during plenary while raising a point of order, restated his earlier allegations against Idris, including the IGP’s alleged “secret” marriage to a serving policewoman against the public service rule.

This is the latest allegation, bordering on corrupt practices and misconduct, levelled against Idris by Misau.

The lawmaker had recently alleged that the police were collecting about N120bn annually from corporate organisations and Very Important Persons for security services, but in response, Idris accused Misau of being a deserter.

Speaking at the Senate session on Wednesday, Misau said; “It has even gone worse. The IGP is having relationships with two policewomen, who he promoted under special promotion. One of them is Aminat and the other is a DSP.

“The IGP, last month, got married to that woman but under the police service rules and regulations, you cannot marry a serving officer unless the person retires. He quickly did a secret wedding in Kaduna because the lady was four months pregnant.

“I am saying all these because of the institution, because we have so many excellent officers who are now demoralised; who are now frustrated because of the activities of the IGP.”

Misau urged the Senate to set up an investigative panel to investigate his allegations against Idris.

He also stated that he would provide documentary evidence before the panel.

“I want the Senate to set up an ad hoc committee to investigate all the allegations raised here and I will provide all the documents and all the papers, so that Nigerians will be able to know what is happening,” Misau said.

The lawmaker stated that he was concerned about what was happening in the police when he raised the issues of bribery and special promotions, which he said led to the IGP “getting scared that a lot of his deals would come to light and there is no way he could save that.”

He said, “By virtue of (the provisions of) the Constitution, police are not a revenue generating organisation; they are not meant to generate revenue. But all over the federation, we are aware that oil companies, banks, oil servicing companies, private individuals pay money to the police every month. We know it. It is an open secret; everybody knows about this.

“To even make matter worse, sometimes you will see people of dubious character and businessmen suspected to be into 419 in Lagos and Port Harcourt, blaring siren with convoys of policemen.

“These are the issues I raised, which led the IGP to attack me as a citizen and as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The senator described Idris as ignorant of his duties for dismissing his (Misau’s) retirement letter issued by the Police Service Commission and declaring it as forged. He said the police boss erred by condemning a document and calling him a deserter when the IGP had not sighted it and which was issued by another organisation.

Misau added, “Just for him to cover the atrocities he is committing under his office, he decided not to address the issue that I raised.

“The issue I raised is that they (authorities) are undermining the police, thereby increasing crime (rate). Most of the things are happening today because of indiscipline and lack of leadership in the police.

“He (Idris) is undermining the biggest institution that is supposed to protect democracy and the citizenry.”

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According to the senator, more than 100,000 policemen are now serving in oil companies and oil servicing companies, while payments are made for their services.

He said by the United Nations’ standard, one policeman should oversee 400 people but in Nigeria, one policeman would protect 800 people.

Misau added, “Even with that, you will find out that one businessman or oil marketer has about 30 policemen. If you invite the IGP here, he will not be able to justify why one person, who is dealing in oil, should have 30 policemen, thereby depleting the ratio we are already in short of.

“When it comes to appointment of police commissioners, the IGP decided to have his own ‘boys’ who are just assistant commissioners of police. He will give them special promotion to deputy commissioner of police. They won’t spend two to three months before making them acting commissioners of police and post them to states where he has interests.

“Special promotion is not in the police service rule and the police are guided by the police service rules. The reason they created special promotion is to get favour from governors and presidents; so that they can pave the way for them and they can get access to many things. There is nothing called special promotion in public service.”

The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, in his remarks, stated that Misau had raised “a number of very important issues, which we cannot just sweep under the carpet.”

He therefore referred the allegation on the senator’s disengagement from the police to the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions while the allegations against the police IG were referred to an ad hoc committee who are to report back in two weeks.

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