Wednesday , 22 November 2017

#OurMumuDonDo: Charly Boy and The Covering of our Collective Nakedness, By Modiu Olaguro

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The June 12 topless march organised via CharlyBoy’s platform, #OurMumuDonDo is a signal to the existence of the never-dying spirit of the human condition.

You’d think nothing of value could ever come out of our musicians and entertainers except the analyses of breasts and balls until yesterday. Alas, the black pot still has enough white edible inside of it!

Charley Boy’s bold move and alignment with the most wretched black population reminds one of Fela Kuti, Lucky Dube and a host of other artistes who, although swim in oceans of wealth and streams of comfort, remain true to the noblest ideal of our shared humanity.

The idiots whom the creature in his wisdom (he knows best, doesn’t he?) unfortunately planted in our midst saw no good in the demonstration beyond the bare chest the men clad themselves in and a somewhat decorous one by their female counterparts.

These idiots, these calculated idiots, whose idiocy is further magnified by a lethal combination of the extreme darkness of religiosity and ethnicity believe shouting 7 Hallelujahs and 7 Allahu Akbars could in isolation, wipe the excruciating suffering artificially induced by the Criminals in Power who have bought the front row and front mat in their Churches and Mosques respectively.

These idiots, these certificated idiots, who watch as the nation is being turned into a wasteland delude themselves that a roundtable discussion could turn the table against the oppressors. It is this puerile mindset that sets them against any movement rooted in radicalism such that before the stinking bourgeoisie who oppress us economically and politically lift a finger, the litany of idiots would have mounted the dais to deliver a counter fatwa.

Charly Boy asked that we open our chests to put some honour in us. To the husband who drops N200 as soup money; the father who watches as his children dress in patched clothing; the mother who as a result of poverty teaches the newest puberty in town that sanitary pad is not as good as tissue…

Aren’t you all naked?

Is the world not counting the number of strands between our legs already?

EVANS: A Case Against the Death Penalty

The continued existence of Chukudi Dumeme Onwuamadike (a.k.a. Evans) on mother earth makes the Islamic law of justice appealing.

In this age of ignorance and misplaced agitation for human rights, some of us who are not held under the leash understand the importance of fast-tracking the ascension of some criminals to hell.

A kidnapper has to die for us to live in peace. An armed robber has to die for us to enjoy our sweat. A drug peddler has to die for us to enjoy our children. A rapist has to die for our ladies to see men as creatures whose thinking faculty is between the head—not the legs.

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A kidnapper relegates a human being below the status of a monkey by keeping him on leash and asking him to pay his way out. An armed robber will deny you of your present and future and still push some bullets inside of you. A drug peddler will reduce you to a walking corpse by afflicting your brain with foreign substances for pecuniary benefits. The wetness or dryness of the vagina is inconsequential to a rapist—his concern is to fix the pole within the hole!

None of them deserves what they deny others of—life.

The concept is this: the taking of a life saves LIVES…Period!

Take their lives and see how many lives get saved.

It is an inalienable right to live, to enjoy one’s sweat, to sleep with the two eyes closed. Any creature that tramples on those ought be sent to the cemetery.

To allow Evans and his fellow criminals eat Kirikiri’s watery beans paid for by their victims (taxpayers) who are yet to get over the pain inflicted on them is double tragedy.

The world needs to exhume many of those antique laws that make an example of men who deny others of their fathers, mothers, children, sanity, and peace.

It’s a time of scarcity. The criminals should be extinguished quickly in order that the living would have enough oxygen to take in. The argument against the death penalty is a lame one.

Modiu Olaguro pursues an MEd (Mathematics) degree at the University of Lagos.

He wrote via [email protected]

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