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Reasons Why You May Not Be Loosing Weight And 14 Ways To Correct It

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You can keep at bay the worries over the inability of slimming down by avoiding or adopting certain lifestyles.

Dropping certain habits that doesn’t help your weight loss is what you need to do. you can actually lose up to 450 calories daily only if you’re persistent and faithful.

Here’s how to lose calories daily:

one: Get enough sleep

Staying awake for most time of the day may make you want to eat every now and then. You will save 100 calories by sleeping.

two: Avoid eating much pasta

A plate of pasta alone has about 200 calories. However, if we add more flavour to this, like sauce, the number of calories can increase. Instead, choose whole wheat noodles or eat little.

three: Avoid cocktails

Cocktails  are a mixture of different drinks which may contain syrup, creamy additions, canned juices, and sugars. All these out together may be amounting up to 800 calories. Avoid drinks like these and choose natural juices or ones that have citrus.

four: Say “No” to  nuts

Although nuts are good for your heart, they have a large amount of calories (1 handful contains 175 calories). If  you must have them, do not eat much.

five: You Shouldn’t eat infront of the TV

Eating infront of the TV can make you eat almost 300 calories more because you won’t be paying attention to what you’re eating. Instead, sit at a table to eat with the TV turned off. And instead of watching a movie afterwards, take advantage of this time to take a walk.

six: Make use of smaller plates

If  you make use of smaller plates, you will put less food on it. If you have been taught to “eat everything on your plate”, this will help you eat less.

seven: Count Your Snacks

Potato chips or cookies are well liked snacks but eat only a smaller portion of them, they and save the remaining package. A big packet of chips is not good because you will end up eating them all because they are super addictive and delicious.

eight: Stay active

Spending all day sitting in front of a computer or the television is not advisable. While talking on the phone for example, walk around the room or the office or move your legs and feet to the beat of a song in your head. Anything to avoid being inactive.

nine: Don’t wipe the plate clean

You do not have to eat all the portion on your plate. An expert in weight loss says that you have to leave 25% of the plate full. You can save the leftover for later or give it to the  dog.

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ten: Ignore the smoothies

Smoothies are very delicious and refreshing but also very high in calories. A big glass with banana, milk, and sugar has at least 800 calories. Rather, take fruit juices.

eleven: Use very little vegetable oil t o cook

It’s better to prepare meals with palm oil instead of vegetable oil because every tablespoon has 124 calories. But if you must use it, let it be at very little amount.

twelve: Skip the soft drinks

Soft drinks contain almost 200 calories and if you drink two or three glasses, you will exceed these limits. There is nothing better than water to quench your thirst.

thirteen: Be attentive to your stomach signals

You’d get a signal from your stomach when it’s filled. It’s a good idea to listen to this signal. Instead of looking at the plate, look at your body first.

fourteen: Choose Drinks with No Sugar

Drinking tea may make you want to add sugar and this can lead to weight gain. It is either you use little sugar or choose honey over it.

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