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How To Renew Your Love Vows With These 35 Endearing Words

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Renewing love vows everyday can go a long, long way to retaining the beauty of a relationship. And words are highly powerful. Both men and women love to feel loved and appreciated.

And mostly women are wary and very cautious when it comes to sweet talks, so be careful the way you weave sweet words around her. If you must gift her with lovely, romantic words, be genuine. The same goes for the woman, let your man know you actually have him in your heart.

There is no sense in springing up endearing words when it isn’t genuine. It wouldn’t make you feel too good anyway.

If you do care about your lady that much, then spoil her with lovely words. Sweet words can also act as powerful aphrodisiacs for a woman. They just loved to be talked to, in and out of bed. They tend to get an emotional connection through verbal communication.

Romantic words you can wrap around your woman:

One: Losing you is unimaginable, loving you is all I ever wanna do. Nothing compares to you

Two: I love staring into your beautiful eyes. There isn’t another place that holds such deep beauty.

Three: Meeting you starts a whole new world for me that I can’t survive without

Four: I want to watch the rising and setting of the sun with you.

Five: Every moment I spend with you prolongs my life by one day. I never want to be away from you. Ever.

Six: You bring a brightness into my heart. I give you the heart in return.

Seven: When you smile at me, you take my breath away.

Eight: Let’s revel in the moment, just you and me. Let’s not invite the world in.

Nine: In the midst of a tiring, disorganized day, the thought of you keeps me going.

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Ten: As the clock ticks second by second into forever, so does my love grow for you second by sweet second. It’d grow so massive that the universe wouldn’t be able to contain it.

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Eleven: The mother of boredom becomes my companion when you’re not with me.

Twelve: Everytime I close my eyes, I see your smile and bless God for giving me you.

Thirteen: Waking up each morning with you by my side is such a pure blessing.

Fourteen: I can curl up in your embrace and stay there forever.


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