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Too Skinny? Check Out 6 Healthy Ways You Can Gain Weight

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It is always about trying to lose weight, isn’t it? And little regard is given to having to gain weight. Well, much wouldn’t be said about extra weight gain, because most people are struggling more with losing weight than adding to it, except one is underweight, which is a big problem now.
If you are at that end of having a fast metabolism that your body burns through calories in a short matter of time, you may want to up your calorie intake with energy-filled foods, enough protein and exercising rightly.

So, if you’re dealing with a high metabolism or fighting an unknown underlying problem that’s keeping you from gaining weight, get to know the tips on how to gain weight in a fast yet healthy manner.

one: Consume energy-packed foods

These types of food are perfect for someone trying to gain weight. Foods high in energy are typically easy to snack on or add to your existing meals to up the calories in a healthy manner. The sources include foods like beans, dried fruits, eggs, nuts, yoghurt and peanut butter.

two: Eat more than you burn

You should consume more calories than your body burns every day. Get the help of a nutritionist to figure out how much you should be eating, or simply up your intake by around 300 to 500 calories a day. If you do this consistently, you should see the numbers on the scale slowly move up.

three: Consume more protein

If you intend to add muscle mass or you do a lot of weight training, you could probably do with more protein. Research has shown that additional protein intake can help with muscle-enhancement efforts.

four: Eat more often

If you’re finding it hard to get down more calories at each meal, try breaking them down into multiple snacks and meals. This will make it easier to consume those extra calories without making yourself feel sick. Aim to have three meals and three snacks a day if you can. Don’t push yourself so hard.

five: Lift weights to gain weight

As you attempt to gain weight, doing cardio exercises like swimming or running can be counterproductive. Aerobic exercise or cardio burns a high number of calories and might negate that extra food intake. On the other hand, if you lift weights, your body will build muscle and the extra calories you consume will go toward those muscles. There’s an extra bonus to this: you’ll also get a sculpted, well-built physique.

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Weight training or resistance training using resistance bands or free weights are your best bet for working those muscles. For optimal results, do short sets of exercises rather than long, drawn out ones. Train twice or three times a week and take rest days in between to let your muscles recover – that’s when they grow.

Every time you lift weights, aim to do 6 to 12 repetitions of each exercise in each set. Performing about 3 to 5 sets is ideal and taking 30- to 90-second rests in between

six: Don’t Consume Unhealthy Food

Burgers, donuts, sweets, and fried or fatty foods may help you gain weight, but it will ultimately be unhealthy weight. This will do you far more harm than good. If you gain fat rather than lean body mass you could end up with a cholesterol problem. And those sweets can cause tooth decay, among other larger issues. Aim to have a balanced diet loaded with fresh vegetables and fruit, healthy lean protein, beans, fiber, and fluids, as well as more energy-filled foods.


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