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Foods You Should Eat To Avoid Getting Gray Hair Early

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Gray hair is usually caused by the loss of melanin.
And mostly occurs as one grows older, because with time, melanin in the body gradually decreases.

However, gray hair is considered premature in people under the age of 35.

You can avoid getting gray hair early if you go by these Vitamins and Foods

One: Liver
Liver helps to break down hydrogen peroxide, a contributing factor to gray hair. It is also an element rich in catalase, which counteracts the effects of hydrogen peroxide.

But go easy on it, do not consume too much liver as large amount of it contains trans fats and cholesterol that can jeopardize health.

In addition, liver goes well with a large quantity of fresh vegetables.

two: Vitamin B1
Vitamin B1 is essential to produce energy from carbohydrates and helps to ward off the appearance of early gray hair.

To obtain this vitamin eat the following foods:

Whole grains

three: Avocado
This fruit is an excellent deterrent of gray hair since it’s rich in copper. A mineral essential for the production of melanin and catalase, which help to break down hydrogen peroxide that accumulates in the hair follicles and causes the appearance of gray hair.

four: Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is responsible for the formation of antibodies that improve the body’s defenses and also prevents the appearance of early gray hair

This nutrient has its sources in the following foods:

Egg yolk

five: Vitamin B12
As far as the early appearance of gray hair is concerned, vitamin B12 contributes to the repigmentation of hair.

It also helps to maintain the original colour of hair.

This nutrient can be gotten from:

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six: Tea
Large quantities of silicon are contained in tea and silicon is one mineral that has the capacity to strengthen the composition of the hair and its natural colour.


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