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What Governors Wike and Fayose Can Learn From Gov. Ayade, By Miebara Rommel

Wike and Fayose
Wike and Fayose

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Since his inauguration, Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers State had never failed to disappoint me even for once. That he will go this path was not unexpected, but I didn’t envisage he will thus go this far. I thought that when he finally get down serious with the main business of governance, the thuggish show would be over. I was wrong.

News reports from Rivers State were just given one injection of discomfort after discomfort. For example, Headlines like “Wike Hiding Militants in Government House” begin to appear on front pages. He also contemptuously dared the President, Commander-in-Chief, and sarcastically referred to the Nigeria Army as “Boko Haram Army.” He obstructed federal law enforcement officers from arresting a rogue judge in his state. Can we say Gov. Wike is the most dangerous governor in Nigeria?

Are you forgetting someone? What about Fayose?

You won! I agree both are dangerous.

Wike’s utterances and actions plus the daily procession of foolishness and absurdities of what became of Fayose’s grossness were unsettling daily news headlines. There case was no longer an issue of opposition playing opposition politics, but a case of bad loosers hotting up things. When governors speaks in embittered, thuggish and antagonistic manner,  it really terrifies.

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Beyond the concerns that borders on threat security. cohesion, and the the two pennies they keep adding to the precarious and heated polity, Wike and Fayose are increasingly becoming bad examples of intolerance. Their hotheaded disregard for the person and office of the president are reaching historical dangerous levels. If there was award for “Most Petty Governors,” Wike and Fayose would be winning the award in turns for their abrasive and contemptuous attitudes.

During the December 10 National and State legislative rerun elections in Rivers State,  six police officers attached to governor were accused of misconduct. The said officers reportedly among others violated Force Order 237 and disobedience of the Inspector General’s standing directive to officers never to be partisan during the elections. After investigation and subsequent trial, the officers were found guilty and were dismissed from the Force on Friday. (Constitutionally, recruitment, deployment, welfare, and discipline of police officers is a responsibilities of the federal government.)

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As the grandstander and blowhard that he is, Bar. Wike reacted to the dismissal with paranoia and gnawing triviality. Condemning the dismissal of the said officers as “political”. He promised the officers will not fight it alone, because “Rivers state people will stand with them for ever.”

The governor’s open challenge of the Force’s decision to say the least is dangerous. When officers breaks the rules of engagement, they don’t deserve a pat on the back. The governor’s politicisation of the dismissal is in the boundary of absurdity and juvenile. It’s tantamount to inciting the police officers against the the Force leadership.

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As politicians, to be assiduous at courting public attention with unrefined and  facetious press releases can be understood, but to polarise the nation with zealous and strident rhetorics is disingenuous and devious. Politicians will always have their differences. And that is beautiful and valuable. As political leaders, of course, been grandstanding and petulant definitely appeals to a segment of the populace, but in the long-run it hurts more than it helps. But Wike and Fayose cannot be destructionist

“The job of an opposition is to oppose.” This quote is from the sage,  Obafemi Awolowo. However, an opposition that is despicably belligerent and grandstands at every turn rarely makes lasting impression nor help in solving problems. To be in opposition also comes with other responsibilities, besides throwing directionless and unrefined attacks and accusations. I suppose it is also traditional that an opposition propose better solutions, otherwise it is nothing but destructive gibberish.

Elections are over more than a year ago.  At this stage, governors should give full attention to issues of development; concentrate on matters of good governance in their states. At this point, it’ll be more sensible to forge a working relationship with Abuja. Benedict Ayade of Cross River, is a striking example of a development-minded governor. Immediately after the elections, he abandoned all partisan differences and pursued a working relationship with the centre. Today, he only in good working relationship with the president, he’s created friendship with key members of the administration. Ayade pulled a first when he invited the president to inaugurate the 260km superhighway. Incidentally, Cross River is among the only four states of the federation that have two nominees in the President’s 47 ambassadorial nominees.

Governors Wike and Fayose should learn lessons from Gov. Ayade. They should move pass political agenda to development agenda; ceating synergies and cooperation with the ccente. Cooperating with the centre will help more in the development of their states than this depraved and cartoonist belligerents.

By Miebara Rommel

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