Wednesday , 22 November 2017

What You Should Know About Hate Speech And Stay Out Of Trouble

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The federal government has announced that purveyors of hate speeches will henceforth be dealt with according to the law.

In fact, vice President Yemi Osinbajo, said those who promotes hate speeches in the country will be treated as terrorists.

Nigerian Army, in furtherance to President Muhammdu Buhari’s nationwide broadcast where he condemned recent hate speeches especially in the social media, has said it is monitoring social media to check false and hate speeches.

To avoid trouble and not fall victim of government barking and biting, it is important you understand what is hate speech.

So what constitute hate speech?

Miebara Rommel in his recent article Why Hate Speech is Wrong and Should be Illegal, wrote  “Frankly, the concept of hate speech has myriad of  explanations and dimensions. But I found the definition of Prof. Christian Ezeibe of the University of Nigeria succinct. He defines Hate  speech  as “any  speech,  gesture,  conduct,  writing  or  display  which  could  incite  people to  violence  or  prejudicial  action.”

He went on to say the United Nations  Committee  on  the  Elimination  of  Racial  Discrimination  gave an elaborate explanation.

It noted  that  hate  speech includes:  “(a)  all  dissemination  of  ideas  based  on  racial  or  ethnic superiority  or  hatred,  by  whatever  means;  (b)  incitement  to hatred,  contempt  or  discrimination  against  members  of  a group  on  grounds  of  their  race,  colour,  descent,  or  national or  ethnic  origin;  (c)  threats  or  incitement  to  violence against  persons  or  groups  on  the  grounds  in  (b)  above;  (d) expression  of  insults,  ridicule  or  slander  of  persons  or groups or justification of  hatred, contempt or discrimination on  the  grounds  in  (b)  above,  when  it  clearly  amounts  to incitement  to  hatred  or  discrimination;  (e)  participation  in organizations  and  activities  which  promote  and  incite  racial discrimination.”

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Now you know… So stay out of trouble.

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