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4 Loving Ways You Can Make Your Relationship Work

As life is a vast field where we learn almost everyday, so is a relationship. We can’t learn all that there is about our partner in just one day.
Each day introduces us to new things or new approaches to things we’ve already known. Relationships are without challenges or struggles, life isn’t fair either.
Your relationship may be going through some dark tunnel and you think it’s about time you threw in the towel and get on with your life. Take a breath – the light is just ahead, it just need some sacrifices from you.
There are several ways you could save that relationship that’s seemingly going down the drain, cleanse and nurture it up good.
However, if you think the relationship isn’t worth it, (some relationships are toxic, you don’t need to be in them ofcourse) you could take a firm decision about it.
Don’t give up yet, help to save your relationship…
one: Think on this: Are you still in love?

If you find yourself constantly arguing with your partner, is that because they always leave the toilet seat up or is there a hidden reason for your anger.

Do you still want to be with this person? Is that inexplicable attraction still there? Do you still smile when you think about them? Think about these . If you don’t, this could be a reason why you’re miserable in your relationship.

two: Be honest about your relationship

If things aren’t going well, sit down with you partner and talk to them about it. What are you not happy about with the relationship and how are you two going to work through it. If you’re not honest with your partner, these problems only build up and continue to frustrate you.

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three: Stay physically connected

If you’re watching a movie with your partner, cuddle up next to them. If you two are reading in bed, intertwine your legs into theirs. Physical contact is extremely important and when you’re going through hard times, that’s when you need it most.

four: Surprise your partner

You don’t need to wait for their birthday to give them something. Surprise them whenever you want with something little. Just think something up. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate gift, but it reminds them that you think of them.

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