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6 Habits That Influences Breast Sagging At An Early Age

Gradually sagging breasts is a natural process that occurs because of the progressive loss of the elasticity of the breast’s skin fibers. 
It’s not a medical problem, but an aesthetic one, especially when it occurs at an early age.
Sagging breasts are common for women with large breasts, but this doesn’t mean that those who have smaller breasts don’t also experience this.
Changes that occur during breastfeeding and continuous weight gain and loss are all determining factors of the breasts’ appearance.
However, there are some recurring habits that may deteriorate the structures that hold the breast together from the inside.
Although these habits don’t equally affect all women, they can significantly influence the onset of breast sagging before the age of 30.
Discover them below!
Smoking not only has negative consequences on the health of the main body systems, but also causes the skin and muscles to deteriorate.
The toxins contained in tobacco accelerate the loss of elasticity and firmness in the skin, because they reduce the production of collagen and deplete blood circulation.
Over time, they accelerate the aging process and cause the skin to sag, which includes the breasts.
two: Wearing the wrong sized bra
Wearing an improperly-sized bra is a habit that can cause breasts to lose their firmness, even though it may seem harmless.
While bras are made with flexible materials that adapt easily to the body, a poorly fitting bra increases the tendency of our breasts to sag.
Also, when bras become too tight, they tend to affect blood circulation, the Cooper’s ligaments, and skin muscles.
three: Bad posture
Maintaining bad posture increases muscle pain, affects aesthetics and, moreover, accelerates sagging breasts.
Many women can’t imagine how different their breasts would look if they maintained good posture permanently. Sitting or standing in an improper position causes the breasts to lose their natural position, as this affects the fibers that support them.
four: Leading an inactive lifestyle
Leading a sedentary lifestyle results in many negative effects for both the inside and outside of the body.
Inactivity increases the risk of chronic diseases, obesity and other disorders that decrease our quality of life.
Furthermore, since the mammary muscles are neglected when we’re inactive, it’s common for the breasts to lose their firmness and elasticity over time.
There are even many exercises and workout routines that are designed to strengthen this particular area.
five: Following a strict diet
Strict diets, also known as “miracle diets,” significantly affect muscle and skin health.
Therefore, adopting them greatly increases the risk of your breasts sagging long before old age.
This is because they’re diets that usually lead to nutritional deficiencies, which causes sudden weight changes and the loss of lean muscle.
It’s vital to maintain a proper and complete diet, which includes healthy sources of:
Essential fatty acids
six: Drinking too much alcohol
Drinking a glass of red wine a day provides many interesting health benefits. However, drinking alcohol in excess causes unwanted side effects.
In addition to the liver and metabolic difficulties it causes, drinking too much alcohol directly affects the elasticity of the skin. As a result, it increases the risk of premature aging and accelerates the loss of firmness of the breasts.
We’d like to point out that the habits mentioned above are factors related to this aesthetic problem, but  don’t always directly cause it.
Avoiding them and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an excellent way to keep your breasts firm and youthful for longer.

Edith Akpan

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