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Actor Adeniyi Johnson Savagely Replies Beggar On Social Media

Following the recent rise of social media beggars, actor Adeniyi Johnson has just had his own share as he savagely replies a beggar with an attitude on Instagram.

It all started when a female follower who claimed to be a single mom pleaded with the actor to give her 3k to feed her child and Adeniyi asked her when she would stop begging for 3k. The follower then replied him in a rude way saying when he dies.

On seeing this, Actor Adeniyi then advised her to wait for 70 years.

More and more celebrities are fed up with social media ‘beggars’. Ranting about the scourge, singer Mr 2kay described them all as ‘selfish scammers’.

‘I will no longer tolerate you messing with my kindness. If you beg me on my social media again, I’ll block you’ he said

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