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BBN: Tobi Gifts Alex Prized Gold Bracelet His Father Gave To Him

Big Brother Naija housemate, Tobi has gifted fellow housemate and top gossip partner Alex a gold bracelet his father gave to him.

While Alex was chatting with Lolu, who was telling her that he has noticed how deeply she’s fallen for Tobi, Tobi came to join them and upon seeing the bracelet, she asked that the gentleman give her.

Before he then gave her the bracelet, he explained that it was given to him by his father.

After he gave it to her, Tobi disclaimed that gifting her with the accessory doesn’t come with any strings.

Tobi further promised to give her an iPhone and a car once they leave the Big Brother house. With this gestures he has been making towards her, it isn’t safe to say Alex isn’t genuinely falling for him.

Watch him gift her the bracelet in the link below:



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