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Blackface Blasts Nigerian Celebrities Over Recent Killings

Singer Blackface is currently unhappy about the spate of killings around the country.

Sadly, his state, Benue, seems to be one of the worst hit by suspected killer herdsmen.

Blackface said that the killings around the country would have reduced if only Nigerian singers unite with one voice to speak against the menace.

“They have killed a lot of people from my village, Agatu, in Benue. They have also killed people in Makurdi, and other places in Benue; then as they move up north to Adamawa, the trail of dead bodies continues”, he said

Be also added that “It does not affect my state alone. Sadly, the musicians are not doing anything about it. Some musicians just claim that they help victims either to gain public praises or for political reasons. Why can’t we come togkillings probably by staging a concert?”

The singer further disclosed that as a socially conscious singer, he has always sung about the ills of the society but the radio stations would not play his songs because he is in their bad books.

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