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Buhari Youth Organization Reacts To Release Of DapchiGirls

The Lagos chapter of the Buhari Youth organization, BYO, has commended the Federal Government and the military for the prompt release of 76 of the 110 abducted Dapchi students in the early hours of Wednesday.

The organisation in statement signed by its State Coordinator, Abdulwaheed Odunuga, and General Secretary, Rasaq Aderibigbe, noted that “the news of the arrival of the Dapchi students gladdens Nigerians from all over the world being a commendable efforts and achievement unlike the Chibok saga and negotiation that took so long involving 2 different administration to earn a headway.

The members of Buhari Youth Organisation, Lagos Chapter, however, urged President Muhammadu Buhari and the Ministry of Defence and all other security forces to invest more in intelligence in order to deplore proactive approach that will profile potential areas, regions and peoples that are likely to fall victims of terrorism or likely to be recruited or engaged in terrorism.

It said with these prediction and prompt action, the rate of abductions can be ameliorated all over the country.

The BYO Lagos Chapter raises fears of possible fifth columnists in the security forces following Boko Haram attacks on soft targets and regions with low security personnel.

“On various occasions, the terrorists have capitalized on absence or low presence of the security personnel in profiled regions before attacking the town or village in their nebulous styles. It either means there are some informants in the security forces that must be tracked, who feeds the terrorists or accomplices living in the region, community going around to surveil and feed the terrorists about how secured the areas are, the statement reads.

The group further called for the safe rescue of the remaining Chibok schoolgirls who were abducted by Boko Haram in April 2014 in Chibok town, Borno state.

“We understand the release and arrival of the children is a product of negotiation and dialogues and we want the government to extend same to wrap up the release of the remaining Chibok girls while our security system against internal and external aggression is checked against cynical manipulation or collusion that has been hindering our fights against terrorism.

“We also want to commemorate with the families of students that lost their lives in the mishap and others who had lost their relatives to all forms of acts of the terrorists. We pray God fill their hearts with joy to heal the wound created by the loss of their love ones, Amen.

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  • I appreciate the commendation of BYO on the release of the few Dapchi girls and the advice given to forestall subsequent abductions. Thank you.