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BYO Demands Review Of Controversial Lagos Land Use Law

The Buhari Youth Organisation, Lagos State Chapter has called for the review of the controversial land use charge bill passed by the Lagos State House of Assembly.

In a statement jointly signed by the State Coordinator, Abdulwaheed Odunuga and the State Secretary, Rasaq Aderibgbe in Lagos and made available to BreezeReporters, the group appealed to Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to rescind the controversial repealing act that was reviewed by Lagos State House of Assembly.

It described the insertion of “Alpha Beta or any other designated person(s) or corporate body” in the act as an intentional error which is unfortunate.

BYO Lagos said the Assembly that concluded the reading sessions without pointing this sacred error out obviously lacks the heart of peoples’ conscience while reviewing the law but merely confirms her business object of squeezing funds out of the people.

”We appreciate the reliefs provided in the Act but the urge for the law to be promptly promulgated could not have overshadowed the hidden intent to grip Lagosians by the neck to start coughing out the taxes was exposed by the patchy reading that now begs the execute governor’s gazette to clean off the mess of the 40-man House of Assembly, the statement reads.

The group argued that ”unless there are problems associated with the current administration’s finances, revenue generation cum debt management, there is not any need for this direct burden imposition on Landlords which we all know that will be taken off and placed on general consumers and tenants in the name of new tax law.

It said Landlords and the government will be gainers while the masses will struggle under the new law.

“While Lagos landlords will be smiling to banks as it will give them the licence to pin tenants to the ground while asking for rent increments or business owners transferring the burden to consumers being an additional costs influenced. Consequently, the Landlords and the government will be gainers while the masses will be struggling, gasping for air.

“Every progressive system will always take more from the surplus to augment the deficit side but what we are seeing is what is presented to be proportionate but regressive in nature. The government will be appointing Valuers that will undervalue expensive properties in highbrow areas after establishing relationship and overvalue assets in lowbrow. The applicable charges should be based on availability of infrastructures like road, light, water and net worth or class of the individuals staying in the specific location and not just flat or proportional rate for all.


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