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Corper Doctor Emmanuel Allegedly Assaulted By Airforce Officers In Lagos

A medical doctor observing his mandatory one-year national service at a Nigerian Airforce base in Lagos has alleged that he was assaulted by three men of the Nigerian Airforce.

He disclosed this on micro-blogging platform, Twitter through his handle @DoctorEmto.

The doctor, who claimed that one of the men, called Idris, had harrased him a couple of times previously, said all he did was try to buy food at the Officers Mess after working all weekend long, so he could eat and rest.

According to him, Idris had sworn that he would make his life a living hell from the first day he reported at his post, and has continued his targeted harassment in spite of being reported to the authorities on several occasions.

It took the intervention of a superior ranked officer before Idris and his gang, who were mostly on mufti, stopped beating the doctor according to his account. He’s currently being treated by his colleagues at the barracks clinic.

Checks by BreezeReporters show that he had since deleted the thread for fear of victimization by the airmen.

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