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#EndSARS: How Nigerians Reacted To Video Of Young Artiste Killed By SARS

A Twitter influencer, @The_Jonathanian took to his page to post a video of a young upcoming artiste killed by officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS)

The artiste with the name Chinedu Obi popularly known as Zinquest was killed by SARS operatives because he owned an iPhone and tattoo on his body.

According to the influencer, Obi was shot and made to bleed to death as they all watch him.

Before his death, Obi requested to speak with his father which the SARs officers declined.


“God punish that your father that you want to talk to,” the officer replied Obi.

However, as the #EndSARS protest continues across the nation, Nigerians have reacted to this callous nature of the SARS officers.

@Funkyba52685459 said  “I don’t think the woman among them has any children because if she does she wouldn’t have reacted that way If she truly has children,all of her children will die before her eyes. Including all of them that has a hand in his death.” 
Another twitter user, @xyzreddington said “He even asked to talk to his father before he die what the fuck is all this this is so heartbreaking #EndSARSbring this men to justice ASAP.” 
On his own part, @adesanyagboye said “Even if he became violent at the station. There are several ways he can be apprehended without gun shot. At the same time they ought to have taken him to the hospital treat him first then prosecute him later.” 
More of the #EndSARS protests are building up in different part of the country.

Adesola Ikulajolu

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