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How To Spot Fake SARS Operatives- Ruggedman Shares (Video)

Popular rapper, Ruggedman, who has been at the forefront of championing the end SARS campaign has revealed the ways to spot fake Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) operatives.

The rapper took to the social media hours ago to share a video captioned:

So back to my mission with the new OC SARS Lagos state, CSP Peter Gana. He said a lot of people have been impersonating and carrying out terrible acts as sars officials and he showed me how to spot fake sars. So I thought to share them with my people.

The real sars have a Red scorpion on their cap and jacket with the number 039 on them. Sars units are only allocated 2 riffles. So any group of alleged sars officials you see with more than 2 riffles are fake.

I then told him that: Without a proper uniform, anybody (including armed robbers) can buy black t-shirts and print sars on them. They need proper mode of identification e.g. name/number badge to make tracing their station easy. Since they are a special unit with so much negativity around them at the moment, it’s best to get them off the streets for now (unless when a special crime is happening) because the brutalisation, extortion, kidnapping and unlawful arrests of innocent Nigerians is too much.

We don’t have a problem with them dealing with confirmed criminals, but treating innocent Nigerians like animals is turning the country into a ticking time bomb. If you fall victim to the rogue officials, if a video is impossible just try to get a good picture of one of them. 



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