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Lagos Youth Groups Endorse Dayo Bush For Kosofe House of Representative Seat

Young Alliance (YA) and the Buhari Youth Organisation (BYO) Lagos Chapter has given their full support to the leadership aspirations of a pragmatic servant-leader, in the person of Hon. Dayo Bush-Alebiosu, as he seeks a return to the Kosofe House of Representatives seat at the National Assembly (NASS).

The youth groups jointly endorsed Bush-Alebiosu to represent Kosofe Federal constituency in the  green chamber from 2019.

Dayo Bush-Alebiosu is contesting under the platform of the All Progessive Congress, APC, and will battle the ticket with the incumbent Rotimi Agunsoye also from the same party.

A joint statement signed by Abdulwaheed Odunuga, Coodinator of the Buhari Youth organization, Lagos chapter Comrade Jide Bakare of the Young Alliance reads, “It was the great Martin Luther-King Jnr. who said that “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

”This reminds us of the power requisite in great leaders to listen deeply and bring people together in discourse that will map the road for genuine change and development.

”This has been the hallmark of Hon. Dayo Bush-Alebiosu, who has relentlessly served the interest and aspirations of the people of his constituency, the youths and the nation at large through his result oriented strategic interventions and policy formulation that has had great impact in terms of execution.

”At the local level where the impact is more direct, Hon. Dayo’s continued support in the areas of ICT for selected educational institutions, provision of power transformers to ease energy distribution, and supply of solar and mechanised water borehole system has greatly enhanced the lives of residents of the Kosofe constituency. The supply of drugs and pharmaceutical products for use at the Alapere and Mende-Maryland Health Care Facilities won’t also go unmentioned as this initiative has hugely supported the Federal Govt. policy on better health care for the citizenry.

”On the national front and particularly as regard policy formulation to direct the wheels of governance, Hon. Dayo has played immense and invaluable role in representing the Kosofe constituency.

”He was part of the committee that initiated the strategic framework policy and operational guidelines for the anti-corruption body, EFCC. The impact of this on our national values and socioeconomic life is apparent, as the fear of EFCC is the beginning of wisdom for corrupt elements in our socio-polity.

”He also initiated the bill on the regulation of the public advertising, marketing, sales and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products in the country to help curb the hazardous health impact on the general populace.

”His numerous motions on the floor of the House as it affects the banking industry, Nigeria’s bilateral trade agreements, the aviation industry, and youth development cum empowerment, were all key attestation to his selfless notion of service when he served as the representative of the Kosofe constituency.

Hon. Dayo Bush Alebiosu

”The apparent gap, lack of depth and quality representation for the Kosofe people in the incumbent legislative session has necessitated the call by active youth of the constituency to Hon. Dayo to return to the legislative chambers.

”An active youth leader in the constituency and one of the frontiers of the Buhari Youth organization, Comrade Abdulwaheed Odunuga, described the outgoing House of Representative seat of the Kosofe constituency as not just tactless and wasteful, but also lacking representational visibility for the people.

He therefore calls on all youths and residents of the constituency to stand up to support and vote a dedicated, active, youthful and organised Hon. Dayo Bush-Alebiosu.


Adeyemi Olalemi

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